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The Memory of Places Jan. 30th, 2009 @ 03:50 pm
Do you ever long to go to a place that you know no longer exists?

Yes, of course, there are the usual old adages: "You can never go home." That's not what I'm talking about. Places like "home" are made by the people in them, and are no longer the same places when those people and circumstances are gone. Homesickness has very little to do with geography.

I'm talking more specifically about a longing for a place that either no longer exists, or is otherwise unreachable by you. It is simply a place -- not made by people or events that took place there, per se. Occasionally, I feel a terrible craving to go to an old coffee shop that has closed down, for example. There is no way I can possibly go there, no matter how much I spend on airfare. Yet, the idea prods at the back of my skull -- nagging, pleading -- and there is no way to slake that particular thirst.

I remember places intensely. Even virtual places burn themselves into my mind. I can still remember the vines on a stone wall in a game I haven't played for over a decade. I can still remember how to navigate cities that never existed. The part of my brain that stores geography is wholly unconcerned about the fact that these are not concrete places, and that I cannot press my hand against the stone walls and feel their damp coolness, or smell the earthiness of the vines that wend their ways into its flesh.

There's a value to the memory of all of these places. In particular, as a writer, one benefits from having a large library of experience from whence to draw ideas. Still, that knowledge doesn't help when I really just want to relax with a cup of coffee in my favorite seat in a place that no longer is.

Hippie Beach Dresses For All! Oct. 21st, 2008 @ 10:40 am
In Ocean City, MD, there's this little shop that sells the best little embroidered hippie beach dresses from India. There's only one problem with them: They're "one size fits all," where "all" apparently means me. My friends come in many wonderful shapes and sizes, so they should have dresses that do, too! So, I was delighted when one of my co-workers pointed out Holy Clothing. They sell similar dresses, in a wide array of sizes and colors -- as well as shirts, skirts, and harem pants.

Full Service will be playing in Silver Spring, MD Oct. 3rd, 2008 @ 11:10 am
After a madcap "Takeover Tour," during which they shadowed the 311/Snoop Dogg tour, engaging in guerrilla opening performances at every location they could back a van up to, my bass instructor's band, Full Service, is on tour again, and they'll be playing at the Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring on Thursday, October 9th, 2009. They put on a very energetic live show, and I'd definitely recommend them to folks who dig Sublime, 311, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and anyone else who might enjoy reggae, funk, punk, hiphop, and occasional outbreaks of thrashing metal guitar.

The story of my life Jul. 31st, 2008 @ 03:26 pm
Don't forget the staw.
>I'll try not to.

Step out of the car.

Don't forget the straw.
> I have the straw.

Walk towards building.

Don't forget the straw.
> I still have the straw.

Enter the building.

Don't forget the straw.
> I still have the straw.

Enter the elevator.

Don't forget the straw.
> I still have the straw.

Go up.

Don't forget the straw.
> No, seriously, I STILL have the straw.

> $*(#*!@

> I forgot the drink.

Jim White Coming to the Ram's Head Mar. 28th, 2008 @ 11:40 am
Jim White, my favorite alt-country nutbag -- purveyor of such songs as "Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi" and "If Jesus Drove a Motor Home" and occasional creepy ditties about broken people and curses will be playing at the Ram's Head Annapolis on 5/15.

Got a Corvair in my yard,
It hasn't run for fifteen years,
It's a home for the birds now,
It's no longer... a car.
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Christian Siriano, everyone's favorite spritely, bitchy Project Runway finalist with the flat ironed hair, used to work as a shampoo boy at the Bubbles at the Westfield in Annapolis, back when he was 13 (which would've been around the time Scotty was still there, for summer_queen and anyone else who used to see him).
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It's not the 86-degree-weather with Christmas decorations that I find so very disorienting. After all, I've lived in the southern hemisphere. It's the 86-degree-weather combined with the getting-dark-at-6PM that really turns my brain to scrambled eggs. I want my daytime back!
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By the way, I recommend "The Brave One." I saw it last night, and I'm glad I went to see it, instead of the new Resident Evil sequel.
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